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Antagonist players

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1Default Antagonist players on Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:35 pm

Something that just occured to me as being a slight problem is a matter of direction. Now it is true that a PW is free form so there is no real direction but people do like to have one goal or another within a RP. Now in the first RP I was ever in it was a PW and there were these two guys whose characters were, while not terribly evil, not often looked at as the best people around. Both were amazing RP fighters and had complex characters who were at the same time combat capable without lacking any social skills. These players admitted to being the general antagonists of the community without always hatching a scheem to do this or that or always avoiding all the good people.

Now the difference between this and most other RPs is that a person completely uncontrolled by a GM or plot liner is acting as a villian instead of a GM or mod piloting an NPC for whatever amount of time. This makes things a bit more intresting becuase there is a human factor really trying against the other players. The problem with this is that everyone almost always wants to be a good guy or at least the good guy who seems likes he's the bad guy.

So the question I am posing is, "reguardless of where the PW is permenantly set up (either on RPG or on a forum like this one) should some of us take it upon ourselves to make characters who are actual antagonists but not in a very aggressive manner?

Of course this is a personnal choice and no one should do it if they don't want to. I for one plan on making a character who acts like an antognist simply so I can try and keep the ball rolling between major events that occupy everyone's time and becuase I like to be evil every now and then.

This is just a thought that some fairly productive discussion may or may not spawn from.

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2Default Re: Antagonist players on Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:06 am


Personally I feel that PW should be like the real world, there are lots of people evil.
In games and movies theres always one really evil guy but in real life the world is full of evil people.
A lot of people always play a good character, no matter what (I think this is because in there first RP they were a knight)
I myself will play a chaotic neutral/evil character because then, I can have a complex personality, and do whatever I like.
A neutral evil characterwould be the one sitting in his based with his fingers arched and a cat on his lap.

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3Default Re: Antagonist players on Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:43 am

Hex wrote:A neutral evil character would be the one sitting in his based with his fingers arched and a cat on his lap.

I think you "generic" would be a better term than neutral, Hex. Otherwise, I would take that to be an oxymoron. Smile

Now on to the matter, I agree with Rook's suggestion. A human antagonist, as opposed to a non-playable character, is the best way to "keep the ball rolling" and from my observation of several roleplays, that is the best answer I can give when inexperienced players ask the annoying question "Why do RPs end up dead?".

Though you may be right, Hex, that there are plenty of evil people in the world; remember that there is always a figure head the general population regards as "evil". About five years ago, it was Saddam Hussein. Before that it was Osama Bin Laden. Before that it was Joseph Stalin. Before that it was Adolf Hitler. And so and so forth.

The world will always have a figurehead of "evil". Society practically beckons for one.

Now onto the "interest" that Roof makes a point of. You're absolutely correct that it brings about an intrigue or interest when it is an actual player and not a NPC. With the fact that there are human emotions involved in the actions of the player, it adds a chaotic element into the mix, which keeps even the GMs on their toes. No one can possibly know the story of Persistent World, not even the bad guys that will keep it rolling.

Because of this, I agree.

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4Default Re: Antagonist players on Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:29 pm

Guru Approved. Just Sayin'

Even though it makes me sad... :/

I really need to learn to explain things better.

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5Default Re: Antagonist players on Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:59 pm

Ok I just really wanted to see how people saw this concept, now for a secound question. If passively evil characters like mine and Hex's reach a point where we feel the time is ripe to hatch one master plan or another that should affect the world or at least a part of it in a major way, what are our limits in doing that? Obviously we can't have absolute control of the entire world (or CAN we? Twisted Evil ) but if we create a secound planet like an orbiting moon or such and we come up with a reasonible plan that is executed correctly could we possibly control said moon or even just a country on the main planet?

I mean if we were to asire to actually rule the world, as cliche as that goal may be, should it be possible for us to accomplish that goal. Of course people could still choose to fight against it but my main concern is that if we are evil then are we pre-destined for failure in all of our evil plots that exceed really screwing up two players' relationships?

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6Default Re: Antagonist players on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:55 pm

I actually wouldn't have a problem with that. In fact, a world government taking over (sort of like a Star Wars thing) might actually spark some interest in a global quest. Does you character support the tyrannical government or are they a rebel/freedom fighter?

This also allows for several quests (if "quests" are what we may call scenarios) that involve a trust factor amongst players. Even if you only control a territory of Persistent World, it makes for an interesting set of roleplays later down the line.

I'd be all for it. Smile

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7Default Re: Antagonist players on Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:26 pm

Definatly tyrannical, why go to all the effort and then not get anything from it?

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