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The common energy source

Should this be the energy/power source for PW?

The common energy source Vote_lcap50%The common energy source Vote_rcap 50% [ 1 ]
The common energy source Vote_lcap50%The common energy source Vote_rcap 50% [ 1 ]
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1Default The common energy source on Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:54 pm

While this idea has been thrown around and discussed alot it has not been added to THIS forum or been given a poll so here it is. Get ready cuase this is a little detailed.

Within the world would be special types of crystals which absorbed the energy (or auras) of all living things upon death. this means that when you step on a bug it's energy is absorbed by the nearest crystal, whne a tree falls, burns, just dies it's life force is absorbed by the nearest crystal. You guys get the idea. Only certain size crystals can be used though for powering entire cities. The larger the crystal the more power it can absorb and the larger range it has.

These crystals would be placed at the tope of towers similar to light houses. These towers would be placed in the middle of all major cities except those that didn't utilize the crystal power. These towers would be heavily guarded and would be main objectives during war. A county/faction with surplus crystal could potentially feed crystals to certain factions or countries and upset the balance of power in an area.

The crystals of course would have a limit to how much power they could absorb and if they absorb too much they may explode and release all the raw, unmanifested energy at the same time. Needless to say this would be bad.

So the idea would be to draw around as much power from the crystal as would be coming in. Now since the energy released by all living things is raw and in it's purest form it doesn't take alot to power a crystal, just a properly functioning ecosystem would sustain the energy neccessary.

This brings us to shortages and back to overloads. In the event of a shortage of energy or if there is a desperate need for more energy from the crystal a sacrifice could be made. These sacrifices would work best with animals (including people) and would consist of simple sluaghter. However if people overhunt an area to an extreme or if a major battle is taking place within the crystal's range the dieing indiviguals (and potentially the excess energy leaking off of the magically gifted or extremly powerful) could have a negative affect on the crystal and cuase an overload. To prevent an overload the crystal chmaber at the top of the tower could be closed off and the crystal could be taken down to the ground if neccessary.

Now to get into the size of crystals. While I don't think we need a size to range of affect until we have a map of the PW (or at least some idea of how big the world is and how many cities we have) we can easily come up with one. As said before, the larger the crystal the large the energy capacity and the further the range while the smaller the crystal the smaller the capacity and range. The smallest of crystals (those that could be carried easily by one man) could be used to power lesser devices. Ex. If the cyber-tech themed portion of PW posses some type of laser tank or walker armor or just a floating car then smaller crystals could serve as indivigual power scources that would draw off of larger crystals or off of the surrounding ecosystem. The smallest, miniscule crystals that you could fit in the palm of your hand 5 or 6 at a time would be implimented into all other technology on level that we don't really have to go into becuase its so detailed.

So, these crystals, which could be found anywhere beneath the planet's crust and be mined with any type of equipment by any country or faction that had the ability to get that deep underground, would serve as the universal power sources or routers for the energy released once a living thing dies.

If anyone has any ideas or opinions on how to better this idea please feel free to do so and please vote. After five days I would expect a deciding vote to have been passed so we can move on to whatever the next topic might be.

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