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Magic? Working by calling spirits in the air

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Should this be incuded.

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1Default Magic? Working by calling spirits in the air on Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:26 am


First topic message reminder :

In this PW I think that magic will have to be included, a lot of people love magic and want to make themselves a really powerful wizard.

I think magic in PW should work by speaking in a language only known to wizards and the fairys in the air.
(This would be signified by just saying he muttered something under his breath, or simply some random latin words)

These fairys are invisible to everyone but can be seen with aid (I need an idea?)

Anyway, these spirits. These people in the air will do things for you, depending on what you do for them.

A fairy will move objects for you and create light when you need just to see you happy. They do white (good things) like healing and helping

A pixie will do it if it knows that it will annoy someone, for example making someone fall over or taking them down a wrong path. Pixies do grey magic which doesn't help anyone but doesn't hurt anyone

a Sprite can not move from the place it was born unless it is given external aid. There are four types of sprites.
Air Sprites - Help you control air, they are nearly everywhere
Water sprites - Will help you grant control over water but cannot leave the pond or river where they have been born from unless you help them.
Eath Sprites - are found in fields and forests, they can't live in urban area's and every building that is built the less they can travel. You can take them with you, they can control nature and mud.
Fire sprites - Are found only in the embers of a flame and die after a short while without prolonged heat, they desire to live forever and will grant you control over fire for as long as they live

An Imp
Imps aren't nearly as common as other fairys but they have more power then all of them. A pixie will do your dead, kill your enemys and torture your foes but at the price of your soul. Using an imp will make you less and less human, you will live a half life and once your soul is gone you are nothing but an empty shell.

The warlock/wizard/witches power level depends on how good they are at persuading the fairies to help them and how good there language is.
Staves and wands contain chemicals which help focus the fairies around it.

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In regards to previous posts, maybe it's not that the character chooses their fairy, but rather the fairy chooses them? Perhaps the amount of people is smalelr than those of fairies, so that they fight amongst themselves to tie to a person? Both parties benefit somehow?

Perhaps one one dies, so does the other? Just ideas. For the source of magic, see my previous thread.

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27Default Re: Magic? Working by calling spirits in the air on Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:26 pm

I think a good way to explain it would be to simply say that Wizards are simply master transmuters. They can do simple things like turning water to sugar almost without thinking about it, but to do the powerful magic, one needs acess to a power source. The steriotypical 'Weave' or the energy the planet gives off. So if you pull energy from the weave, you'd be able to transmute it into whatever was required. For instance, using the energy to create stone or fire, even living beings. (Summoning Smile) Elaboration later, I gotta run.

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