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Agenda Labs Contributions

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1Default Agenda Labs Contributions on Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:06 am

Here in about an hour I'll begin some sketch-ups of designs for the following:

  • Banner
  • Forum Icons
  • Posting Icons and buttons
  • Ranks & Badges

I'll use a combination of Gimp 2.0 and another image rendering software I use. Consider this post a place-holder for the time being. I'll edit it to include the compilation.

Right now, however, it would be helpful to hear requests for primary colors/themes/etc. that you would like to see in the graphics.

Oh and I will also begin construction on the store. I like to use Wix technology for this, as Flash is an excellent tool to fully customize the store's appearance (whether we have or not is up to you guys) as well as add a great impact on the user experience.

Note: I DO NOT lay claim to the following set of graphics. These were provided by a Forumotion contributor who just happened to create a set that I saw as being nearly perfect for this board's current theme:

Post Editing Commands:

Agenda Labs Contributions Th_quote-3
Agenda Labs Contributions Th_edit-4
Agenda Labs Contributions Th_del-1
Agenda Labs Contributions Th_ip-4

Forum Buttons:

Agenda Labs Contributions Iymstw
Agenda Labs Contributions O8cwvm
Agenda Labs Contributions 1jaz3l

Online Icon:

Agenda Labs Contributions Th_on-1

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