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Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:27 am by Final Lore

What goes here?

This forum is devoted to lore that has been agreed upon. Lore all should have a yes or no option within it to make sure people like it before it is actually put within the persistent world. Once put in here it has been agreed that it will be in the final game of persistent world.
Things in here can be removed on request, make a thread within Misc Discussion and put a poll, asking if it should be removed and give your reasons for not liking, please don't do this if it "Doesn't fit the genre" or "I don't like it"

I, Final Lore will move all agreed upon threads here.

Please put a yes/no poll on your post. Put the yes first and then the no so that way nobody can change them around and cheat with the results.

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